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    M&G Income Fund

    Latest Price


    Who Should Invest

    This fund is ideal for investors who are looking to maximise their income return over the short-to-medium term without assuming too much risk of capital loss. The recommended investment horizon is 1-2 years, or longer depending on income needs and risk profile.The Fund is managed to comply with regulations governing retirement fund investments (Regulation 28).

    Risk Profile

    Low Risk

    Investment Objective

    This funds aims to maximise income while providing investors with relative capital stability. This is achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of non-equity securities in the South African market.

    • Income
    • Low Risk
    • Short Term



    All returns quoted are A-Class after fees and charges

    Min Lump Sum

    Investor Class (A): R10 000

    Min Debit Order

    Investor Class (A): R500 pm

    ASISA Category

    South African - Interest Bearing- Short Term


    STeFI Composite Index measured over a rolling 12-month period

    Regulation 28 Compliant


    Inception Date

    6 December 2016

    Income Declaration

    Accrued daily, distributed monthly


    Date Unit Price


    Initial Fees (excl. VAT):

    No initial fees are charged

    Annual Management fees (excl.VAT):

    Investor Class (A): 0.50%

    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

    • Outperformance

    Invest Now

    Fund Management Approach

    This fund invests in a flexible mix of non-equity securities in the South African market. It is suitable for short-to-medium term investors looking for an actively managed interest-bearing fund. Compared to traditional money market and enhanced cash funds, the fund can have a longer weighted average duration (maximum 24 months) with no limit on the maximum maturity period for any one instrument. 

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