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    M&G Inflation Plus Fund

    Latest Price


    Who Should Invest

    This multi-asset class fund is ideal for investors saving for retirement, those already living off a pension and those wanting to protect their savings from the detrimental effects of inflation, thereby preserving purchasing power and earning a real return.

    Risk Profile

    Medium Risk

    Investment Objective

    This fund's primary objective is to outperform CPI by 5% (before fees) over a rolling three-year period. The secondary objective is to reduce the risk of capital loss over any rolling 12-month period.

    • Income & Growth
    • Medium Term



    All returns quoted are A-Class after fees and charges

    Min Lump Sum

    Investor Class (A): R10 000

    Min Debit Order

    Investor Class (A): R500 pm

    ASISA Category

    South African - Multi Asset - Low Equity


    CPI +5% (before fees) p.a (rolling 3-year period)

    Regulation 28 Compliant


    Inception Date

    01 June 2001

    Income Declaration

    Distributed bi-annually


    Raging Bull and Morningstar/ Standard & Poor's


    Date Unit Price


    Initial Fees (excl. VAT):

    No initial fees charged

    Annual Management Fees (excl.VAT):

    Investor Class (A): 1.00%

    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

    • Outperformance

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    Fund Management Approach

    This fund invests in an actively managed, diversified combination of domestic and international assets where the asset allocation is tactically managed. The intended maximum limits: Equity: 40%; Listed Property: 25%; Foreign: 45%.

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