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    M&G Global Listed Infrastructure Feeder Fund

    Latest Price


    Who Should Invest

    This fund is ideal for investors seeking long-term growth from a diversified portfolio of global listed infrastructure equities. The  recommended investment horizon is 5 years or longer. Although the fund’s investment universe is global, units are priced in rands. Investors can therefore invest without having to personally expatriate rands.

    Risk Profile

    High Risk

    Investment Objective

    This fund’s objective is to provide a combination of capital growth and income that is higher than that of the global equities market over any five-year period, while applying the fund’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and sustainability criteria. The Fund also seeks to increase the income stream every year, in US dollar terms.

    • Offshore
    • High Risk
    • Long-Term Growth




    All returns quoted are B-Class after fees and charges

    Min Lump Sum

    Investor Class (B): R20 million

    ASISA Category

    Global - Equity - General


    South African Rand


    MSCI All Country World Index (Net)

    Investment Manager of the Underlying Fund

    M&G Investment Management Ltd (UK)

    Inception Date

    14 June 2023

    Income Distribution Date

    Distributed bi-annually


    Date Unit Price


    Initial Fees (excl. VAT):

    No initial fees charged

    Annual Management Fees (excl.VAT):

    Investor Class (B): 0.20%

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    • Outperformance

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    Fund Management Approach

    The Fund is a feeder fund and, other than assets in liquid form and currency contracts, invests in only one underlying fund - the M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund, domiciled in Luxembourg. The underlying fund aims to invest at least 80% of its assets in shares issued by infrastructure companies, investment trusts and real estate investment trusts of any size, from any country, including emerging markets. It invests in securities that meet its ESG criteria, applying an Exclusionary Approach and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-aligned investing. It may also invest in other collective investment schemes, cash and assets that can be quickly turned into cash, as well as derivatives to reduce risk and costs.

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