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    We offer investors a focused range of unit trusts to suit all risk profiles and return objectives. Our unit trusts include a combination of single and multi asset funds that invest locally and abroad. We’re immensely proud that our clients have entrusted us to manage over R234 (as at 30 June 2020) of their savings, making us one of South Africa’s top 10 largest investment managers.


    Forms required to invest with M&G Investments

    What forms do I need to invest with M&G Investments?

    Basic Fund Information

    Is there a minimum amount I have to invest?

    Each of our unit trust funds has a minimum lump sum and debit order (if applicable) investment amount, which is available on the fund detail page.


    When will my unit trust distribute its income?

    The distribution frequency for each of our unit trusts is included on the fund details page and fund fact sheets. It can range from monthly to annually, depending on the fund.

    Note that the annual management fee and other operating expenses will be paid from the fund’s income before it is distributed or reinvested back into the fund.


    Do I have the choice of having distributions reinvested or paid out to me?

    For investments into our discretionary or tax-free unit trusts, you can have your distributions either paid to your bank account or reinvested in your fund. If you choose to reinvest your distribution, we will purchase additional units in your fund(s). 

    For investments into our living annuity product, all distributions will automatically be re-invested.


    What if I want to access my money?

    Simply complete a withdrawal instruction form and send it through to M&G Investments. Depending on the unit trust, it will take between 1 and 3 days for your money to reflect in your bank account after all the required documentation has been received.




    Can I have my debit order on any other day than the 1st of the month?

    No. Debit orders can only be collected on the first working day of every month.

    Where are the daily prices published?

    The daily price for each fund is updated by 18h00 each day. You can download all prices across all funds for the past 12 months by following the link below and clicking on the "Download all Prices" button.



    What are the daily cut off times for investing?

    Our daily cut-off times are as follows:

    • 11h30 for new investments in the M&G Money Market Fund
    • 13h30 for new investments relating to all other M&G Investments funds

    Servicing Model


    Depending on the size and scope of your business, we’ll allocate you a servicing model that best suits your business needs. This will either be in the form of a dedicated BDM or our highly-trained Client Service Team.


    Do I receive online support?

    Once registered, we will issue you with a secure account login where you will be able to view and manage your clients’ investments online. This includes being able to view your clients' account information, download statements, tax certificates and fee reports. You will also be able to access a range of tools and investment insights to help you when advising your clients. 



    How are fees paid?

    There are three types of fees we pay. These include:

    • Initial fees
    • Ongoing fees
    • Annual standard adviser fees

    How are the fees paid?

    Initial and ongoing fees are negotiated between you and your clients. Initial fees are deducted from your clients’ investments before units are purchased. We redeem units from your clients’ investments each month to pay ongoing fees. Annual standard adviser fees are paid directly from M&G Investments' annual management fee which are included in the fund’s Total Expense Ratio (TER).

    When will we pay you?

    Local fees are accrued from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month and paid to you on the 27th. Offshore fees are accrued from the 1st of January to the 30th of June and from the 1st of July to 31st of December. Offshore payments are made biannually in mid-July and mid-January. 

    What are the minimum fee payment amounts?

    The minimum payment amount for local fees is R300 and £50 for offshore fees. If the fees accrued are less than the minimum payment amount, the amount will carry over to the next payment cycle and will be paid once it reaches the applicable minimum.


    B-BBEE Status

    What is M&G Investments B-BBEE status?