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    M&G Property



    Who Should Invest

    Investors who seek exposure to South African listed property as part of a diversified portfolio. Alternatively, investors looking for a growing income stream but who are willing to be exposed to capital volatility. The recommended investment horizon is 5 years or longer.

    Risk Profile

    Medium-High Risk

    Investment Objective

    To provide a total return equal to or better than the benchmark while providing long-term capital growth.


    Investment Vehicles

    Segregated and Unit Trust

    ASISA Category

    South African – Real Estate – General


    FTSE/JSE All Property Index

    Inception Date

    August 2020

    Minimum Investment Size

    Segregated: R500 million

    Unit Trust: R20 million


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    Investment Mandate

    The Fund is an actively managed portfolio investing primarily in South African listed property instruments and assets in liquid form. The Fund may invest in other collective investment schemes and in financial derivative instruments. No direct investment in physical property may be made.