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    M&G Real Return - Domestic Inflation Plus 5%



    Who Should Invest

    This fund is suitable for Institutional investors that seek steady inflation-beating growth of capital through an actively managed domestic only portfolio that complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

    Risk Profile

    Medium Risk

    Investment Objective

    To achieve steady long-term growth of capital and income by investing in a diversified combination of domestic assets, where the asset allocation is tactically managed. This product targets a long-term real return of 5% (CPI + 5%). It is managed in such a manner that the likelihood of capital loss over 12 months is reduced. However, no guarantee of capital over any period is given.


    Investment Vehicles

    Segregated and Pooled Life


    CPI + 5% over rolling three year period

    Inception Date

    December 2009

    Composite Name

    Domestic Real Return +5% Composite

    Minimum Investment Size

    Segregated: R500 million

    Pooled Life: R20 million


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    Our Real Return Offering

    Real Return Funds are managed specifically to achieve a return in excess of inflation (CPI), usually over a three year rolling period. We manage these mandates with the dual objective of 1) Out-performing the specific inflation benchmark over a rolling 3 year period and 2) Capital Preservation: Ensuring no capital loss over a 12month period. We manage mandates for clients with objectives ranging from CPI+3% to CPI+7%.

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