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    M&G 2.5% Target Income Fund

    Latest Price


    Who Should Invest

    This solution is ideal for income drawing investors who want to invest their post-retirement or discretionary savings in an all-in-one solution that aims to earn 2.5% income per year. Subject to this level of income return being achieved, investors will also want their capital to grow over time. Given the level of targeted income return, it’s likely that the real value of capital after targeted income drawdowns will grow over the long term.

    Risk Profile

    Medium-High Risk

    Investment Objective

    The primary objective of the fund is to target an annual income return of 2.5%, with a secondary objective of growing capital invested. While this level of annual income return is targeted, the actual annual income return may vary.

    • Income
    • Medium Risk
    • Medium Term



    All returns quoted are A-Class after fees and charges

    Min Lump Sum

    Investor Class (A): R10 000

    ASISA Category

    Unclassified given its unique investment objective

    Inception date

    2 April 2019


    Date Unit Price


    Initial Fees (excl. VAT):

    No initial fees charged

    Annual Management Fees (excl.VAT): 

    Investor Class (A): 1.15%

    Additional underlying foreign fund fees are dependent on the fund and are included in the TER

    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

    • Outperformance

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    Fund Management Approach

    The fund invests in a very flexible mix of local and offshore equity, bonds, property and cash. The fund can also invest in financial instruments and other collective investment schemes. The fund is not managed to conform to the regulations governing retirement fund investments (Regulation 28). The fund is not limited in its deed in terms of allocation to asset classes, currencies or geographies.

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