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    M&G Namibian Money Market Fund

    Latest Yield


    Who Should Invest

    This fund is recommended for risk-adverse investors wanting a short-term investment with protection from equity and bond market-type volatility, who need an inexpensive safe haven to house funds while earning above-inflation returns. The recommended investment horizon is one to 12 months.

    Risk Profile

    Low Risk

    Investment Objective

    This fund aims to provide income above short-term bank deposit rates while preserving capital and liquidity.

    • Income
    • Low Risk
    • Short Term



    All returns quoted are A-Class after fees and charges

    Min Lump Sum

    Investor Class (A): N$10 000

    Morningstar Category

    Africa Money Market


    IJG Call Index

    Inception Date

    12 March 2010

    Income declaration

    Accrued daily, distributed monthly


    Date Unit Yield


    Initial Fees (excl. VAT):

    No initial fees are charged

    Annual Management fees (excl.VAT):

    Investor Class (A): 0.50%

    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

    • Outperformance

    Invest Now

    Fund Management Approach

    This fund invests in cash and a variety of other high-quality money market instruments with a maturity of less than one year. The weighted average duration of the underlying assets may not exceed 90 days.

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