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    Sandile Malinga

    CIO Multi-Asset

    June 2022

    VIDEO | Amid uncertainty, look to fundamentals and diversification (part 1)

    In part 1 of this inciteful presentation, Sandile Malinga provides a brief overview of our investment philosophy and how our approach to asset allocation has helped generate returns across our multi-asset funds. He also takes a closer look at market valuations, highlighting the asset classes that we believe offer the best relative value, and consequently, how we’ve positioned our multi-asset portfolios as a result.   

    In part 2, Kaitlin Byrne talks us through the positioning of the M&G Dividend Maximiser Fund, and how the consistent application of our investment philosophy has helped generate exceptional returns for investors over the past 20 years. She also provides a high-level overview of our approach to ESG, and how we incorporate these factors as part of our stock-selection process. 


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