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    Tax-Free Investment Calculator

    From the list of funds below, choose one and follow the five easy steps to determine the amount a Tax-free Investment will save you.


    We have a range of funds that offer tax savings...

    Choose a Fund

    Your tax saving is related to your income bracket...

    Income Tax

    Which bracket describes your taxable income?

    Compound interest works better over longer periods...

    Investment Term

    How many years would you like to invest for?

    Do you want to invest with lump sum, debit order or both...

    Investment Option

    Which investment option would you have liked to invest with?

    Contributing on a monthly basis...

    Debit Order

    What amount will you be contributing monthly?

    The minimum debit order amount is R500

    Do you have an annual lump sum to start off your investment each year...

    Annual Lump Sum

    What amount would your annual lump sum investment be?

    The minimum lump sum amount is R10,000 The minimum lum sum amount is R0

    Calculate Your Tax Savings

    Tax-Free Fund

    Income Tax Bracket

    Investment Term in Years

    Annual Lump Sum

    Debit Order

    Total Investment Amount Annually


    Annual max (R36,000)

    Gross Return Rate

    After Tax Return

    Capital Gains Tax

    Please re-calculate, you have exceeded your limit!


    • Equilibrium fund returns (net of a historical average fee adjustment) have been used for the purpose of this calculation.
    • Tax is calculated using the 2022/2023 SARS tax year table.
    • Figures assume that you have used your annual CGT exclusion and annual interest exemption.
    • Effective CGT rate of 18% applied, based on 45% maximum tax bracket.
      Investment Options:

    • Minimum Debit Order = R500 pm.
    • Minimum Lump Sum = R10 000.