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    Past Fund Performance Tool

    What would your investment have been worth had you invested earlier? Find out with our Past Performance tool.


    We have a range of funds personalised for you...

    Choose a Fund

    When you start your investment is important.

    Investment Date

    At what start date would you have invested in the selected fund?

    Do you want to invest with lump sum, debit order or both...

    Investment Option

    Which investment option would you have liked to invest with?

    Contributing on a monthly basis...

    Debit Order

    What amount would you have contributed monthly?

    The minimum debit order amount is R500

    Do you have a lump sum to start your investment...

    Lump Sum

    What initial lump sum amount would you have liked to invest?

    The minimum lump sum amount is R10,000 The minimum lum sum amount is R0

    Contributing on a monthly basis...

    Annual Contribution Increase

    By what percentage (eg 6%) would your monthly contribution have increased by annually?

    Past Performance Information

    Select a Fund

    Start Date

    End Date

    Debit Order

    Lump Sum

    Monthly Contribution Annual Increase (%)

    Increase with inflation

    Final Monthly Contribution

    Total Investment Value

    Total Premiums Paid

    Current Benchmark Value

    Current Investment Value to beat inflation






    • The Current Investment Value is calculated based on past performance, using the fund’s Net Asset Value with income distributions reinvested.
    • Lump sum and monthly contributions are assumed to be made at the beginning of the month.
    • Please note that these calculations are provided for illustrative purposes only and that past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.
    • MandG Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd. will not be held responsible for any decisions based on this information.
    • We recommend that you consult with a good independent financial adviser to assist you with meeting your investment goals.
      Investment Options:

    • Minimum Debit Order = R500 pm.
    • Minimum Lump Sum = R10 000.