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    Goal Calculator

    From the list of goals below, choose one and follow the four easy steps to determine your monthly investment contribution. Once the results are shown, you can choose to increase your monthly contribution by inflation each year by selecting the checkbox.

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    Choose your goal

    • Car
    • Home deposit
    • Holiday
    • Grow my wealth
    • Other
    • Children’s education

    What is the amount that your goal would cost, today?

    Within how many years would you like to achieve this goal?

    What real return do you expect from your investment?

    Real return is the percentage annual growth you expect from your investments, over and above inflation. Typically it’s between 3%-6%, but can be higher or lower depending on your underlying fund/s.

    Your Goal Information

    Choose your goal

    Specify goal

    Current cost of goal (Rands)

    Time to save (Years)

    Projected inflation rate (%)

    Growth above inflation (%)

    Increase monthly contributions by inflation, annually

    Future cost of goal


    • The values used in our tools are determined using projections based on current assumptions about uncertain future outcomes. These assumptions were determined considering the historic relationship between varying factors. The actual future values will depend on the actual amounts that you invest and the associated investment performance, fees and taxes of your selected underlying portfolios. These calculators are provided as a guide and illustration. MandG Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd. will not be held responsible for your reliance on these calculators for your financial planning. We recommend that you speak to a financial adviser and review your retirement plan regularly to ensure you meet your goals.
    • The following assumptions are used in this calculation:
    • Projected inflation rate, defaulted to 5.5%
    • Future value of goal is the current value increased by the Projected inflation rate
    • Investment return includes Projected inflation rate and Growth above inflation