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    M&G Global Themes Fund

    Latest Price


    Who Should Invest

    This fund, formerly known as the M&G Global Basics Fund, is closed to new investors. It is ideal for investors with a high risk tolerance and long-term investment time frame who are looking for capital growth.

    Risk Profile

    High Risk

    Investment Objective

    The fund aims to provide a higher total return (the combination of capital growth and income) than that of the MSCI All Country World Index over any five-year period.

    • Offshore
    • High Risk
    • Long-Term Growth



    OEIC, incorporated in the UK


    MSCI All Country World Index

    Inception Date

    Launch Date: 17 November 2000*

    *The fund originally launched on 28 February 1973 (end of the initial offer period of the fund in the UK). However, on 17 November 2000, the fund re-launched and we are choosing to use this date as the launch date for this fund. On this date the fund’s name, objective, comparative index and sector changed.


    Date Unit Price


    Entry Charge

    No initial fees are charged

    Ongoing Charge

    Investor Class (A)1.67%

    Payment Dates


    Ex-dividend Dates


    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

    • Outperformance

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    Fund Management Approach

    The fund will invest at least 80% of its Net Asset Value in the equity securities of companies across any sectors and market capitalisations that are domiciled in any country, including emerging markets. The fund may also invest in collective investment schemes, other transferable securities and may hold cash for liquidity purposes. Derivatives may be used for efficient portfolio management.

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