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    M&G Enhanced Index Tracker Property



    Who Should Invest

    This fund is suitable for Institutional investors with a medium to high risk tolerance requiring medium-to long-term capital and income growth through efficient and cost effective exposure to the Listed Property sector in South Africa. The product complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act, to the extent that this applies to a specialist asset class portfolio.

    Risk Profile

    Medium-High Risk

    Investment Objective

    To provide a total return equal to or better than the benchmark while providing long-term capital growth. A ballot is currently underway to amalgamate this fund with the M&G Property Fund.


    Investment Vehicles

    Segregated and Pooled Life


    FTSE/JSE South African Listed Property Index

    Inception Date

    January 2006

    Composite Name

    Enhanced Index Tracker Property

    Minimum Investment Size

    Segregated: R500 million

    Pooled Life: R20 million


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    Date Unit Price


    • Fund Return

    • Benchmark Return

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    Contact Us

    Our Enhanced SA Property Tracker Offering

    Our Enhanced SA Property Tracker offers investors wanting exposure to the SA listed property sector with an enhanced indexation approach that is both cost-effective and that offers an optimal trade-off between outperformance and risk.

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