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    Prudential Investment Managers

    Prudential Investment Managers

    September 2016

    5 Minutes with...Bernard Fick

    Getting to know the people who manage your money.

    Your ambition during your high-school days...
    To work for Prudential! Honestly, it was to get a girlfriend. (If you went to an all-boys high school such as Paul Roos Gymnasium, that is always the true answer to this question!)

    Some description

    Cricket or rugby?
    I enjoy both, but my real passion is golf. I’ve played since primary school.

    An ideal evening is...
    Enjoying a glass of good wine with family and friends.

    Where did you spend your most recent holiday?
    A 10-day road-trip through Italy with my wife and 12-year old twins. What a lovely country and great people. Except for the narrow roads on the Amalfi coastline – that part was scary as hell.

    The businessperson you most admire is...
    Bill Gates. I admire how he built up his business, and particularly his business-like approach to philanthropy. I have actually been to the head office building of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in Seattle – it is amazing.

    South Africa’s youth needs...
    Jobs!!! And for that we need young people who are better educated, particularly in mathematics and science.

    In 30 years’ time the world will be...
    Straining under the weight of millions more people.

    Apple or Android or Blackberry?
    I put blackberries on my toast. For anything else, I use Apple.

    Your favourite app...
    I have three: the Financial Times for reading financial news, Strava to keep record of my mountain-bike rides and the British Airways App which makes checking in for flights a lot simpler.

    Stranded on a desert island without your family but with three other people, who are they?
    Tom Hanks (because he knows how to get off desert islands), Chad le Clos (I’ll need serious help if we have to make a swim for it), and Bear Grylls (he’ll know where to find food).

    If you didn’t work in the financial services industry, what would you do?
    Either architecture or law. Both those professions should be happy that I’m an actuary!

    When did you last ride a bicycle?
    On Saturday. I’m a keen mountain-biker, and try to ride every weekend. What you should have asked, is when last I’ve fallen off a bicycle!

    Where do you usually spend Saturday mornings?
    On the bike, or on the golf-course. (Note to editor: the true answer is of course “wherever my wife needs me”...)

    New York or Paris?
    New York. It is just such an incredible city. But Paris isn’t bad either!

    Glass half empty or full?
    Full. Shiraz if possible.

    Your mother taught you...

    What would you like to be remembered for?


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